Kispiox Totem Poles

Hazelton | Aboriginal Attractions | Historic Sites |
There are approximately 24 totem poles that are privately owned by House Groups, which stand in the grass at the edge of the community where the Kispiox and Skeena Rivers meet.  Some date as far...

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Kitselas Canyon Heritage Center

Kitselas | Aboriginal Attractions | Historic Sites | Natural Settings |


On behalf of the Gitselasu people and Elders, we welcome you to the Kitselas Canyon Heritage Center. The center is located in our traditional home of Kitselas canyon. We the...

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Moricetown Aboriginal Art

Moricetown | Aboriginal Attractions | Unique Sites |

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Moricetown Band Interpretive Centre and Museum

Moricetown | Aboriginal Attractions | Museums |
Located just off of Highway 16 in Moricetown, visit the historical site of the Wet'suwet'en. Daily programs, guided/self guided tours and special events are available at the Moricetown...

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Moricetown Canyon

Moricetown | Aboriginal Attractions | Natural Settings | Outdoor Activities |

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Moricetown Totem Poles

Moricetown | Aboriginal Attractions | Historic Sites |

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Nisga’a Museum

Nisga'a | Aboriginal Attractions | Museums |
The Nisga’a Museum and its collections are directly related to the historic Nisga’a Treaty. The museum’s permanent collection is an assemblage of 300+ artifacts and art objects that left the Nass...

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Fraser Lake | Aboriginal Attractions | Natural Settings | Outdoor Activities | Unique Sites |
Several First Nations pictographs can be found on the north side of Fraser Lake. Visitors can find three sets of pictographs on granite rock within a 100 yard area (the first set facing west and...

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Wolf Totem Pole

Houston | Aboriginal Attractions | Historic Sites |
Commissioned in the early 80’s by the Houston Booster Club, the Wolf Totem Pole was built by a Hazelton Aboriginal artist named Wilfred Sampson. A traditional native potlatch was held for a...

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